New to Church?

At New Albany First, we have a few ways you can begin to experience church for the first time.  We have Sunday morning adult bible class at 9 am, Sunday morning worship at 10:30 am, Wednesday night classes at 7 pm, prayer meetings, special events and more!  All of these things are in place to remind us it's all about Jesus.

Join Our Prayer Group

Echo Prayer is a free app that can be found on both iTunes (Apple) and Google Play (Android). New Albany First utilizes this app as a way to share the needs and prayers of the congregation with one another. To join all you have to do is:

1. Download the App and Create a Profile

2. Let Someone at the Office Know You Want to Join the Prayer Group or Simply Search for the New Albany First Feed

3. Start Praying!

It's really as simple as 1,2,3!


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our Sunday live streams if you are unable to make it to church. 

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Water Baptism is the outward sign of and inward change.  We believe it is a crucial part of our christian walk and faith.  If you would like more information, fill out the form below and our pastor would love to talk with you.